September 12, 2011

I ♥ U at midnight.

I thought it time for a little weekend recap again...It started nicely enough with an invitation for my company to stay at a swanky 5 star hotel. Lovely Thekla was my plus one and the hotel took it serious by putting up this lovely card on our room table:

Please note the honeymoon comment!
We had a good giggle with this photo op and used Thekla’s engagement ring to improve it even further. Mind you, the champagne was not provided by the hotel for the happy couple, but snuck in by ourselves.

The pictures are a bit random and I guess just prove what can happen when you give people free drinks all night. Though the latter I had to do sober or not, as I had promised Genie, my boss’ daughter to paint a moustache on ‘sleeping’ Mark. Luckily he is a real good sport and held very still while my shaky hand attempted an ‘I ♥ U’ without poking his eye out.

Saturday dawned gloomy, but was immediately smoothed over by a huge room service breakfast and Vampire Diaries, followed by the lunch of the century at Casparus. We had travelled to Stellenbosch to attend something which turned later out not to be a party, but a sit down birthday dinner at a student pizza parlour. Thank god for this lunch, making the carbon footprint worth it. There is a certain special delight of having a fancy lunch instead of a fancy dinner and now I actually wish I would have gotten my camera out. I, for once, actually chose to eat pasta, something I never do when eating out as I always feel I can do better at home. In this case though, we are talking linguini with salmon, prawns, crayfish sauce, and basil oil – no chance for the little pastaholic here. No chance for the linguini to be photographed either as I inhaled them...and the salmon mousse...and the bread roll...and the wine...and the tasting bites from my fellow diners. But since they call Etienne Bonthuys the wizard of sauces (or something to this regard, I just like the word wizard) I will definitely take my Dad there when he comes as he is a freak for sauces and will see if the food can stay on the plates for long enough to take a picture.

Sunday was as usual a bit blue, but all better after a yoga class and splurging on a bunch of tulips who I carried through Woolies for half an hour like a new born baby. I just thought they would make me very happy, which they did (imagine a smiley face here).


  1. Thanks for the fabulous picture of me ;-)

  2. Ups, I forgot the rule of 'what happen at CR stays in CR'... sorry, darling, but I think you look smashing!


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