March 28, 2011

Weekend dreaming.

What I did this weekend? Everything and anything one should actually do on any given weekend to make it pure bliss. On Saturday morning I did make an attempt at the yoga adjustments without falling over. It went only so so. No falling over, but while adjusting I was speaking in slow motion, which I imagine to have been quite annoying for the rest of the class and it made me run way over. The rest of the day was somewhat more successful if you can call being spoilt rotten successful. I had my birthday day with Thekla. I’m sure I have mentioned that she always gives her nieces and nephews a day instead of a present for their birthdays. A day when it’s all about them. This year in addition to having an amazing feast cooked for me, I also had the joy to be at the receiving end of such a day. 
Penny, Tara and me cleaning up.
On the agenda: home spa with a bath observed by my new god children Penelope and Tara. 
Cat Massage 101.

They had already learned their lesson of rather staying out and watching after one of them had fallen into the tub the previous day. Afterwards it was on to a four-handed and two-pawed massage followed by family meal
With full pasta bellies we attended to nap time with the little ones, bubbly (which they liked almost as much as the parmesan from lunch) and some DVD choices that Dr. Maths commented with “Mein Gott!”. That coming from someone who had never seen Casablanca or Dirty Dancing as it turned out over tortillas and Corona later, I’m not too worried by my dubious taste in TV series anymore.
Sunday dawned with fresh flowers and the realization that flowers always make life and an untidy flat better. I did however attended to the closet spring cleaning and was only slightly disheartened by the too hot to take out my duvet and sheepskin slippers weather. Also steaming scarves is no fun in 32 degrees. Maybe today...if my balcony isn’t calling me or my little iBook or my bed. Too many sleep disturbances i.e. elephant imitating neighbours left me tired and grumpy this morning. But no time for a nap nor sweet dreams with it being Monday. Tonight I have the pleasure of finishing with my steaming, because weekend or not I will always have scarves...

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