March 13, 2011

10 Signs that you like a boy.

Back in the day the signs that you liked a boy were easy to spot: you were doodling his initials all over your notebook, calculated multiple times by counting the letters of your and his name till the outcome clearly spelled HE LOVES YOU, and realized that any love song ever written was clearly about the two of you.
Of course once somewhat grown up you don’t do stupid things like that. Therefore it gets a bit harder to realize if you truly like a guy. To make it easier for everyone I therefore compiled a list. The 10 signs that you like a boy grown up list:

  1. You almost fall down the steps to get to your phone which just biped because it might be an SMS from him.
  2. You get edgy when in the bathroom, taking out the trash or in a yoga class - you may miss a call from him.
  3. You hijack your boss’ dog, because it will bark alarm when he may arrive on his motorcycle.
  4. You shower and put on new make up before you go to bed in case he comes for a surprise sleep over.
  5. You don’t eat. If you are alone you don’t have an appetite, if you are with him you don’t have an appetite.
  6. If you do eat, you agree to eat delivery pizza every time you meet, because spending time in the kitchen would imply spending time apart from him.
  7. You look like a sleep-deprived mother of a newborn. Sleeping is wasting time better spend laughing, talking and making love.
  8. You spend a month’s salary on beauty products and then leave them in the box after he tells you how beautiful you are first thing in the morning.
  9. You can’t bring yourself to be grumpy in the morning even though all roommates you ever had used to be scared of your morning moods.
  10. You doodle your and his initials with a little heart in the middle.
Some things never change, but mainly it’s nice to know that you are a grown-up and won’t make a fool of yourself anymore.

Sure sign he doesn't like you - you know. You just know even before he tells you that he is breaking up with you. You will live on liquid diet for a weekend and behave like a menace to the public. Then you realize food is great, you will hold your chin up high and smile, knowing there is someone who will do the exact, well, 10 stupid things when he gets the privilege of meeting you.

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