March 22, 2011

The moon is half full.

Tuesday after a long weekend, realizing it is almost still dark when I have to get up and it is raining...nice one! Therefore a quick and happy recap on my pre-weekend to do list and what I can now proudly cross of. I did re-do my nails. No picture. The nail polish decided to start chipping immediately again. Does it therefore count as one point on the list mission accomplished? You decide...
I shamelessly admit that I didn’t do anything else from my to-do list neither did I attempt to do anything else from my to-do list. That somehow feels less better attempting, but not managing. Like painting my nails unsuccessfully; it’s just sad.

I did however manage a lot of other things, therefore happy recap...

I managed to forget the contents of my fridge and enjoyed the most divine sea urchin spaghetti and company at Mezzaluna. Also learnt new words in Italian and Swedish in the process so the whole evening had an educational value to it.
I re-arranged my vanity/electricity shelf and spend a good five minutes of visualization of what my closet will look like once I am done with that one. I also spend an hour and half a fortune at Country Road, which results of will look nicely in that soon to be organized closet of mine.

I had lots of fun with a naked Mexican and am now proud owner of two (!) We ♥ Real Beer glasses.
I also had the somewhat profound realization, non drinking related, that the only thing I love more than teaching a yoga class is teaching a yoga class where I can make someone laugh. Laughing and yoga is the perfect combination, I think, but like laughter and sex highly underrated. I vow to do more.
In addition I played with the cutest kittens ever, attended my first stork tea and drank bubbly on the deck in the sun. All in all not bad for a little three day weekend.
For everyone who was as disappointed as me by the moon equinox I will just say - the moon is still half full for the rest of the week and it looked pretty in pink last night- enjoy!

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  1. also think it was a good weekend to be laughter in yoga classes and my kittens too!!


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