March 17, 2011

To do will not do.

Being on top of the world yesterday, I am feeling a bit un-inspired today, which may has to do with the fact that the German-French hostage exchange will take place in couple of hours. My last night was also rather normal – I turned myself, my teacher and Adam into a pretzel and had everyone watching rolling on the floor with laughter. I am still pondering how I am supposed to do that in class without having a similar effect on the rest of the students. It will go on my to-do list for the rest of the week I think.
To-do-for-the-rest-of-the-week list:
1.       Figure out how to help people turn into pretzels without others falling over in laughter and me falling over in the process.

My friend sent this to me in an email today.
They are not really pretzels yet, but wow good
Utkatasana for their age.
2.       Organize my closet. That was on the list of the beginning of summer already, but the list got lost. Therefore by popular demand back on the list.  
3.       Put screen saver picture and ring tones on my new/old phone and write another sweet letter to Vodacom. Or not.
4.       Re-glue my Piazza Sempione cuff yet again. It just doesn’t like being banged on tables. I wonder why...
5.       Eat all the food in my fridge before I buy more and resist the urge to stuff my face with Mezzaluna’s sea urchin spaghetti. That will be a toughy.
Couldn't bring myself to get closer.
6.       Actually repaint my nails before they completely chip off and I look like a trailer park lady. Or Britney Spears. Whatever comes first.
7.       Cleanse my aura. Never a bad idea.
My coral aurosoma - you can tell
by the bottle they have seen a
fight or two.
8.       Finally frame my Camera Obscura poster from Rez. I have loved this poster ever since I saw it in his flat in NY last August and when he came to Cape Town he brought me my own. Yay. Will also make a point of actually listen to them.
9.       Follow the latest inspiration and read Die Brüder Löwenherz again. I actually love this story so much and I think it is because it has it all: adventure and evil dragons and lots of drama, but the best happy ending ever.
10.   And then this:

World Domination. Always a favourite.

11.   Find better post topics for my blog than to-do lists. That’s a promise.

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