March 1, 2011

Me & My Oscar.

Everybody seems to agree that this year's Oscar fashions were quite boring. Everyone played it safe and not not everybody got even that right. I'm not going to go into details, other websites have done that en masse, but just to add my two cents in three points: too much sequince, too much tousled hair that just looked messy (mind you, that coming from me, I am the queen of messy hair) and too much aging make-up (shame, poor Sharon Stone looked like 70 and should fire her make-up artist immediately).

Today I was browsing and after seeing all the Oscar disappointment, I found this to-die-for Bottega Veneta from Fall 2011:

Dear Mr. Maier*,

One day in the near future I am planning to become a great actress, make a great movie, be nominated and then awarded with an Oscar. For this occasion I would very much like to wear your dress. I have attached a picture of the dress I like, but I am open to suggestions from your side.
Please send the dress to my office (I don't have a doorman at home) in due time for next year's Oscars:

MMP Office
Cape Town.

I will gladly send you a picture of myself in your dress holding little Oscar. Many thanks in advance!



Does anyone have his email?

*Should I call him Tomas? Should I write in German? If I write in German must I call him Herr Maier?

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