July 31, 2013

the cut.

i have gazillion things to do and pack, but let’s quickly talk about my hair.
when i was little it was cut in a neat short bob and behaved. that didn’t last very long because i wanted to let it grow. my mum used to cut my hair and whenever it was time for a trim there was lots of fighting and screaming going on in our house. she usually gave up in sheer exhaustion and only cut off about a centimetre. woe to her the one time when it ended up being two. i put the hood of my bathrobe on and refused to take it off until my dad promised me 6 tickets for the waterpark.
when i was 13 i decided to cut my hair into a bob again and it was the most unflattering hair cut any teenager could ever have. since it was my decision my mum was happy as at least she couldn’t be blamed this time.
then there were a few failed attempts at having a fringe. no need to explain further.
so you understand that i am hesitant when it comes to cutting my hair now. i go for my trims and to lighten the load (yes, i have loads!), but it usually gets tied up anyhow and i prefer it that way. end of discussion.
yesterday i had an appointment to get my hair cut before the holiday. i have been following fashion blogger karla deras for some time and i love her hair. and while i love how it looks when it’s down, i love the fact that she can still tie it up in a little bun even more. however i didn’t consider myself ever brave enough to go there. cutting hair is traumatic to me.
but yesterday morning i woke up and i remember my mother’s words. back in the day when i was in my last year in high school, we were walking through town together and ran into my ex and his new girlfriend. the new girlfriend must have been late twenties then and had long shiny brown hair streaming down her back. my mum - and i still love her for it - just took one look at her and murmured to me: “there comes a certain age when a woman should have a haircut.” and while that was a tiny bit bitchy, i still think it quite true.

so with that in mind i woke up and decided to cut it all off.

i love it and with the amount i will save on conditioner i can go on another holiday. in case you don’t love it, don’t tell me and just remember that i am not very photogenic so i obviously look amazing and very different in real. in case you love it so much, that you want to cut all your hair off too now, i highly recommend craig at thelobby. he is awesome and he will give you beer to take the edge off.  


  1. It looks so great!! And I love your waves. Eeeek so excited that your trip is almost here, cannot wait to read about it :)

    1. Thank you, thank you!! Yes, starting tomorrow...eeek. If you can follow me on Instagram @anysroad - we are doing a challenge with the Travelettes and I will at least try to post pictures regularly.

  2. I really like the haircut it looks great on you!

  3. Why can't my hair be wavy like yours? Nice length for a holiday trip ;)

    Re: Hair. I've always coloured my hair regularly (from blonde to black and everything in-between)since I was 13. This year I've challenged myself to grow it out (colour and length) until I turn 30, then I'll give myself a new look for my dirty thirties. On month 8 now and I am turning a blind eye to the re-growth/out-growth and avoiding mirrors.


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