July 3, 2013

family addition.

i am having an acute bout of cabin fever. cabin fever as in i don’t want to be in cape town anymore, i want to go on my trip now. i do fully accept that all of you not living here will probably want to hit me over the head right about now for complaining. i get that, but i simply cannot sit still anymore and i am not quite sure how i will manage the next four weeks.
i would soothe my cravings with a little road trip, but there is a new addition in my family that makes the budget a bit tight. which is okay, because she is beautiful and i love her so much already.

though the picture may imply - this is not a post sponsored by canon. you could say however it is partially sponsored by my mum.

i actually feel guilty how much i love her after only one day compared to my old crapcam. i really should stop 
referring to her as such, especially as i am trying to sell her now (camera anyone?). by the way – is it normal, dear photographers, to refer to a camera as she? are cameras like boats? does she need a name???

i’m like a mother with a new-born, completely terrified i may drop her. so that’s why i decided for the time being it is safer to stay indoors. but as you can imagine my lounge, exciting as it is, doesn’t have anything on angkor wat or halong bay, so my cabin fever has increased with her arrival. 
yesterday i was faced with another dilemma when i checked out the camera bag that came with her. apparently they are always huge and have loads of unnecessary compartments and that’s how this picture happened:

which tells me the bag is not too big, i must just adjust my thinking and maybe get a kitten to fill up the extra space. or a baby giraffe.
but seriously, if i were to take this camera bag and completely ignore the fact that it is really ugly and doesn’t go with my cute chapel backpack, it will also take up half of my luggage allowance. i think i may need to book an extra seat for it and as i previously mentioned - ain’t no money for that!
the little crapcam also came with a camera bag and even though much smaller, i even thought that one was too big. therefore i sometimes would take a shoe bag and just stuff it in there. now i see all the professionals shake their heads and avert their eyes…i know, i know, it’s bad. in my defence it was an alaïa shoe bag in original dusty rosé. but yes, i have come to terms that it might not be safest way for my new baby camera to travel, so back to a camera bag. i didn’t find any smaller options to buy, so i went for advice to the real photographers. apparently i wasn’t so far off with my  alaïa shoe bag, because my journalist friend narina says she carries hers in a sling bag wrapped in sarong and the travelletes just replied with a hash tag #musthavechicdesignerbagatalltimes.
answers a girl wants to hear and which just leave me to call up my sister-in-law and beg her for a little pucci bag and decide on yet another scarf which will be allowed to come along. 
first non-instagram selfie. 

p.s. while i was typing this i saw a twitter competition to win a designer camera bag. my heart dropped a bit because a) how can i win? and b) do i need to change this entire post now? then i looked at the bags and sighed in relief. apparently designer camera bag is just another term for handbag-so-ugly-it-couldn’t-make-it-in-the-real-handbag-world. 


  1. You have a new camera, I have a new camera, we all have a new camera! I got a Canon EOS 600D for my birthday the other week AND I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH. Except I don't really know how to use it and my boyfriend keeps grabbing it to "teach" me, which makes me a bit jealous - SHE'S MINE.

    1. Hehe, I have the same and I would be jealous too if someone grabs her under such a pretense. I have the best of intentions to actually read the manual this time and I am trying to get into one of these 'how to use your new camera' classes they offer here with purchase. Do you think our girls need to be named??

  2. Glückwunsch zum neuen Familienmitglied.
    Unten habe ich noch zwei Goodies angefügt, damit es der kleinen auch lange gut geht ;o)
    ...und ja SIE braucht definitiv einen Namen!!!



  3. I hate to sounds crass but your camera looks way more like a boy than a girl - just saying ;-)

    1. Mrs Salmon!! I am shocked by your insinuation - watch what you are saying, kids are reading this. Hehe. Okay not really.
      Yes, I completely get your choice and though I dare say it might say more about my state of mind than the gender of my camera that I decided to take the picture of camera and zoom lens. I don't even know why, but she immediately felt like a she. But she definitely got balls!

  4. Oh yes - forgot to add - a very sexy boy - with some very obvious talents.

  5. Snap! I too purchased a new camera (although not as fancy as yours) weeks before for my CamNam trip, I carried it around in one of those airplane socks because I didn't find a bag I liked or wanted.

    1. How funny - it just reminded me - the last stylist I used to work for had a small camera at his office with no case. My co-worker and I would stuff it in a sock too. However it was always a bit embarrassing going on appointments at Gucci, LV and the like and then bring out a camera wrapped in an old sock :) But it served it purpose..

    2. ha ha ha
      ps In the other sock I hid my dollars


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