July 19, 2013

rain & needles.

a little happy friday to everybody. it almost didn’t become a happy one for me as i had to go to the dentist this morning. pouring rain on a friday makes me want to stay in bed as it is and a dentist appointment didn’t really entice me to get out either. i think i had enough dentist appointments in my life already, i really should be done with them.  and to make matters worse dr nico (i don’t think he has a last name. he is like bob the builder only as a dentist) came at me with a needle.

me: woah, what are you doing?
dr nico: i’m going to numb your gums.
me: why?
dr nico: so it won’t hurt so much.
me: since when does teeth cleaning hurt much?

a little misunderstanding as it turns out.  he thought fillings, i thought teeth cleaning and guess what – i won. i was really in no mood for needles, fillings, and a droopy mouth on a rainy friday morning.
on a very good note my first story for travelettes came out and you can read all about my trip with my dad to la reunion here.

i will spend the weekend writing some more and be in the hot studio as much as i can. i don’t think there is anything better to do than yoga in this weather if you are a single person and have nobody to cuddle with. except maybe drink red wine and eat toasted sandwiches, which i will be off to do now…

p.s. that's what you get when you order coffee in la reunion: 

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