August 2, 2013

aloha from doha.

please forgive the headline. and any upcoming typos. i am sleep deprived and dehydrated and delayed. 

i wanted to say a quick goodbye yesterday and had already prepared a post which started something like as you can imagine i'm running around like a headless chicken today, but i wanted to say goodbye and... i was also going to admit that as per usual i have no posts scheduled for while i am away and sorry and instead i was going to tell you about the instagram challenge i am doing with the travelettes and how you can see my trip in pictures if you follow me. 
but that was yesterday and yes, i was running around like a headless chicken, then had a boozy lunch to get into holiday feeling, but then i had to run around some more and next thing i know there was no time to blog and i was stuck in traffic on my way to the airport. i think i had a mild panic attack, especially after i had just decided not to take any rescue remedy with me and i thought i had just committed the first cardinal sin of packing. i did however make it with plenty of time and only to be told that my flight was delayed and my connection in doha would be missed. oh well. i will only arrive in bangkok at midnight now which will effectively deprive me of one bowl of pad thai, which is a lot considering that i am only there for 3 nights and therefore have limited mealtimes to work with. but i decided i will squeeze in a pad thai for breakfast or get one as take-away for the drive to cambodia, so my world is well again.
due to the delay you are now getting a post written from the somewhat fancy business class lounge at doha airport. as you can imagine my first concern was where i would get food and drink in doha during ramadan. i already saw myself either being arrested for taking a sip in public or getting a stomach bug because i snuck a drink from the ladies room faucet. but since i'm not shy i got myself a free pass to the lounge and possibly an upgrade. they are fancy here with huge bottles of chilled water, a breakfast buffet and 10 choices of coffee. luckily i had a pass and they had to let me in though i look anything but fancy. and they can't even tell me off for eating all the food from the buffet and going back for second and third cappuccinos, so my spirits are good despite the delay and the potential loss of one pad thai. 

now i have to go because they are taking away breakfast, potentially replacing it with a mid-morning snack or possibly an early lunch. i am ALWAYS hungry when traveling. is that just me? is it because my body knows that calories don't exist in transit?

in case you are keen to see our challenge or participate, check it out here or follow us with #dailytravelette on instagram. 

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