September 6, 2012

The laughing cow.

Just to recap why I am not laughing at the moment:

I had to pay a huge amount to get home by no fault of my own.
I don’t know yet whose fault it was that I had to pay this money and if or when I will get it back.
My washing machine broke on the first load due to very dirty vacation clothes.
My car battery has died and is deader than dead now.
Thus I had to walk the load of really heavy, wet laundry to the laundromat.
I woke up with a sore throat today and blame the lack of daily fresh jus d’orange.

Can you blame me for moping??

Therefore I thought I should share little bits and pieces from Morocco, which made me smile against all odds:



1. Yup, this is what you think it is, but since it’s really old it’s not pornography it’s called history: brothel decoration in the ancient Roman settlement Volubulis.
2. Would love to have this lunch again: camel burger and mint tea. No, we did not eat this on the same day we did our camel ride. That would’ve just been wrong!
3. Coke Arabica.
4. Laundry day.
5. She is a rookie and actually turned away from the table. That wouldn’t have happened to a South African. We know our baboons and that they like tupper ware with nuts!
6. And so do the Berber Apes in Morocco…
7. Desert tent. Can we talk about the light switch?
8. Hussain Action in action. Unfortunately Fatima Action – me! – cut off his action thumb in this shot.
9. I do wonder what the snake is anti for?
10. Live Tamagotchi. Mother to child: If you don’t look after your chick, we will have chicken mcnuggets for dinner!
11. Cats on a hot tin roof.



  1. Haha, I think those are my shoes..... :-) Lee

    1. I just loved the touches of modern society like trainers and a light switch in the middle of the desert :)

  2. Photo 1 to 8 check
    No jokes, Morocco is cold very cold in Winter!


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