September 7, 2012

Gifts a la Marocain.

Everybody is doing Friday giveaways so I thought I should too. Sometimes I find myself taking a picture for someone or with someone in mind. It might be something this person would like, something that makes me think of them or something they always wanted to see. I do this more or less consciously and unfortunately I rarely pass the pictures on to the people I took them for.

So today is my giveaway Friday and I’m sharing pictures I took for people on my trip.*

For all my friends and family in Bad Honnef our caravan to remember Die Karavane zieht weiter…, which I was quietly whistling to myself while riding my camel into the sunset.

For Gladys a cat butt for her cat butt fridge magnet collection.

For Xenia beautiful Berber woman jewellery inspiration.

For Marie a macro shot.

For Julia a YSL heart from the Jardin Majorelle, which I would have loved to see together with her.

For Sy and Kate an ancient Roman Bikram studio (or what I thought would be perfect to become one including the temperatures).

For my Dad Moroccan Viagra. And I should add: not for him (yuk, let’s not even go there, he is my Dad!!!), but because he is a Urologist.

For Thekla Hussain Action’s cooking class ingredients.

For Claire a sexy tanner from the tanneries, because she was so insistent that all I need to buy in Morocco is leather. Now I get it…

For Sabine a cute Moroccon dog. Oh wait, no picture of that – I didn’t see any dogs, only cats. Sorry & happy weekend!

*And if you don’t see a picture here for yourself, don’t be upset, you might just be a lucky one who gets a real present from Morocco.

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