March 18, 2013

Hotel dreaming.

My parents did their share of luxury travels in their days, but understandably so, that was before I came along. I think after a few attempts to have me sit still and enjoy a meal prepared by a Michelin Star chef, they realized, though I wasn't a fussy eater per se, that the art of fine dining was still lost on me. Obviously the same went for 5-star hotels and boutique guest houses. I was completely content with fries by the beach as long as there was enough mayo to drown them in and our holiday bungalow as long as the top bunk was mine.
Even when I was a bit older and had learned the art of appreciating a glass of French Champagne at the Ritz, we would still keep accommodation modest. Our priorities called for simple accommodation which just had to be clean and in close proximity to said treats and other attractions.
When I was older and started to travel for work things got slightly different and most trips I went on got even the mere assistant fancy suites. But they would also come with an aftertaste of very early mornings, lonely late nights with room service and TV, and overpriced toothpaste from the hotel shop as I always, always would forget to take my own. And as much as we all like the idea of steamy hotel room sex, nothing makes you in fact feel lonelier than a king size bed, clad in Egyptian cotton and no one to share it with but the resort kitten - which is no euphemism, but an actual cat who I shared my bed with for an entire week while in St. Barth’s once.   
Though I am not a camper/backpacker/dorm-sharer, with these memories in the back of my head, I actually never minded keeping accommodation simple when travelling for fun. On my last trip to Morocco I realized I must have a door to close and a bed by myself and that is all the luxury I really need. So when I booked my upcoming August trip - Yes, I may let you know right here: Trip to Cambodia and Vietnam is approved, flights are booked, and can you hear me screech in excitement? – I didn't mind booking budget hotels as long as I could upgrade to have my own room.
As my itinerary starts in Bangkok I decided to add two nights to acclimatize and explore the city. Unfortunately I had the silly idea to look for accommodation myself (instead of going with the cheap hotel, where my group is staying the first night of the trip) and I found The Asadang.

It is four times as expensive and I could buy massages and Pad Thai with that extra money for the entire month.

Why do I need a fancy hotel just to sleep?

And who goes to Bangkok to sleep anyhow?

I don’t care.

My heart longs to go there...


  1. In Dec 2012 / Jan 2013, I travelled Cambodia and Vietnam for 4 weeks. I hashtagged it #CamNam. It was an incredible experience and I am a bit jealous of your trip because I so wanna go back. I did 24hour in Bangkok which wasn't enough, be glad you got your extra two nights in luxuary accommodation.

  2. Aah, glad to hear my need for luxury is being supported by fellow travellers. By the way - busy with a vampire story for you!


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