January 24, 2013

I've got mail.

Yesterday I was in a bit of a mood. Justified or not I felt very neglected and unloved by all my friends, had the realization that all men do in fact want a twenty-something, little blonde, and Valentine's Day is almost upon us with me sans date. I have written many times that I don't like it and think the concept silly, but this year I realized this statement only sounds convincing if I had in fact an offer which to gracefully decline. Otherwise it just makes me look a bit bitter. Anyhow…be that as it may.
Things got better though when a little package arrived after lunch. From Canada and no, don't judge! I was very excited to see that there are actually still people who not only send handwritten Christmas cards around the world, chocolate and pictures too. Luckily not of the family wearing matching reindeer jerseys in front of a fake Santa kind, but in my case reminiscences of me, my camel, and newfound friends in the Moroccan desert.
I had met Christe and Scott on my trip in August and upon return we all stayed in touch via Facebook. Eventually she inquired about my address and how long mail travels to Cape Town. Well, longer than even I expected, but I don't want to complain, because presents received when you have actually forgotten that there was a thing called Christmas, are actually the best. Especially when they arrive on a day like yesterday. I felt very touched and much loved from halfway around the world. Thank you, Christe, thank you, Scott – you guys made my day!

Dinner Party in Fez, no hands camel riding and Micky Mouse* looking a bit grumpy with Christe's hat she put on. Good timing with her picture though as the hat went flying a second later.
*Still not sure how I came up with that name...

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