July 25, 2012

On tour.

I know I promised you a proper and coherent story, but last night was even worse than the previous ones so I am in no condition for storytelling. I did however wanted to put up the tour dates for my newly reinstated annual Christmas tour back home. I call this holiday a tour as I tend to feel like a cranky rock star on rehab during these Christmas till New Year’s, one week plus a day holidays at home. Since my parents are divorced and family and friends live all over Germany stints to all the places I need to visit tend to be very short, thus bittersweet, and far far away from each other. At least in German terms a four hour train ride is far.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, but with the excitement of having a ticket booked, already comes the sadness that I will have to say good bye after only a few little days. I think I can just manage better when I don’t see my loved ones at all than seeing them and having to leave again. Is that normal??

Anyhow…I will cross this bridge when I get there. For now I am sharing my official tour poster, which I found randomly online. I don’t even know who The Ringers are (am I getting booed for this?), but it sounds a bit like circus, which I love, and I think the poster all in all just rocks. So here is my slightly modified version with my tour dates:

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