July 27, 2012

Food for thoughts.

I might be in the dog box with you, but I just can’t get a story rolling. There is simply too much stuff on my mind this week, all feeling very important (the stuff, not me), but it doesn’t really add up to much of a proper story yet.

If you care to know regardless, just because you love me or because you are bored right now … I started thinking about Christmas gifts for my family and whether I should buy some in Morocco. Only then did I slowly start to wrap my head around the fact that I will be in Morocco shortly, which seemed more time appropriate than thinking about Christmas. I will admit I’m slightly terrified. I don’t think I have ever travelled to a country which will be so different from what I know. At the same time the thought of being completely outside my comfort zone is exhilarating. As we all know -after reading all these yoga studio postings - this is very the magic happens! I will also tell you a secret. You may find it weird. Ever since…well, ever, I loved to hear the adhān. Even in Istanbul when I first realized that it is mainly electronic these days, which made me sad, because some things just shouldn’t be, I still loved it day and night. Church bells make me nostalgic, but the call to prayer fills me with a sense of desert and kohl eyeliner and adventure. I find it romantic in an odd way. Don’t ask why, that’s just the way it is and yes, Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven may have reinforced that feeling over the years, but he did not initiate it! With all that in mind I am actually quite excited to go to a proper Muslim country for the first time and be kept awake by something else than my elephant-esque upstairs neighbors.

However I have mainly be thinking about yoga this past week. There might be a new teaching opportunity for me, but it’s not confirmed and I’m nervous, feeling like the girl who waits for the phone to ring. I’m actually expecting an email, but you know…same sort of feeling.
I have also thought a lot about Bikram. About all of it really…the man, the concept, the teacher training, my own practice… I even started reading Bikram’s book and the dialog again and to my surprise I find much that is new and inspiring. It also makes me desperately want to be back at my old studio and practice twice a day if I please and not be restricted by silly timetables as I am here. Dear Cape Town studios, I really want to practice on a Friday afternoon/evening – how come that none of you, 5 hot studios, offer one proper Bikram class??
I don’t know if anyone can feel my frustration, but it doesn’t matter. You can just regard this post as a diary entry which was allowed to go public. I could add much more to this one-way conversation, but I don’t think you are terribly interested in my bad massage experience or my new found love for Katjes and hate for bloggers who write about chewing gums or work ideas swirling in my head. No, I don’t think you will care at all and I don’t blame you. I will mention though that I am back on Pinterest, mainly because so many people started following me and I hadn’t pinned anything in years and felt bad. I decided it was actually the perfect place to put up giraffe pictures from now on, so you have an actual choice whether you want to see them or not. Go here if you dare.

Sharing one last thought before I’m off for the weekend: I will be attending Cape Town fashion week tomorrow. Yup, you read correctly. I didn’t think I would ever bring myself to it. Ever. Can you see me rolling my eyes and the sarcasm dripping of your page already? But what one does to make a teenage niece happy. At least you will get a highly snarly entertaining fashion report out of it on Monday. Till then… happy weekend!

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