February 22, 2012

Birthday = happyday.

It is almost time again. Birthday time. I’m turning a “Schnapszahl” this year, the magical 33. In case I haven’t mentioned – I am a complete birthday nutcase. I get that from my Dad who incidentally turns 77 this year and wants to fly me in. Again. When telling him thus as I was there just two years ago for his big 75th celebration, he just replied “But I am turning 77. It’s special.”
Deep down I am very much his daughter and agree that it is special. So is my upcoming day. I will never be one of these people who want to forget their birthdays. Or deny wishing for anything when asked for present ideas. Or not remind everyone and anyone including random strangers about the big day far in advance and closer again to the day to make sure everybody marked it firmly down in the calendar. Or not want to be congratulated and spoilt rotten once the day has finally arrived.
I think the main reason, people trying to avoid their birthdays, is actually not shyness but the fact that they don’t like to get older. For some odd reason I am lucky here. Yes, I also get older objectively, but since I can remember I have always added another year whenever people ask my age a few months prior to my actually birthday. So when the day comes I am already used to the new age. Less scariness. How genius is that? Mind you, I do also truly believe my life has only gotten better with each year. Hear that, Meike?* Also I know quite a few people who are years older and we though we are taught these days that 40 is the new 30 and they still have a complete blast.
So there is really no good reason to fear the getting older part. I also can’t understand what could possibly be wrong with cake or sweets, dinners, friends calling, Facebook wall messages from lovely strangers, and presents you actually want? I just can’t find anything fault with that. At all. Ever

One problem however remains: I have no idea how to celebrate this year. Options over options and again none at all. Blank canvas birthday to-do list in my head. The only thing I know is that I feel like sending proper paper invitation cards for some odd reason. Not sure if this will happen. It surely won’t if I don’t make up my mind quickly on what to do. Otherwise blank invitations too. Fill in your own party details maybe. Any ideas anyone? Of course the best idea will score an invitation too. I promise there will be cake and I won’t say no to presents either.

*A German friend who thought coming to Cape Town to drown the big 30 in tons of nice wine would be a good idea. An idea we can all agree on, birthday jitters or not.

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