December 27, 2011

La vacation and butterflies.

So there - I feel like me again for the time being, getting annoyed by the flight attendant bumping into my arm for the forth time and the plane air making me freeze after almost suffocating us while we were still on the ground.

Life has been good. Life has been so good that I seemed to suffer from a little anxiety attack this morning. I think it was brought about from being too happy or something. No Christmas chaos and last minute present shopping was able to change this. Quite the opposite. Life has been so good that I am listening to countless Adele to remind me that it isn't always like this and one should cherish every moment of it. My life has officially become somehow quite perfect. I'm a calm sea of smiles with a few butterflies to go along with the smiles.

Just in case you haven't gathered what is going on … the flight attendant annoying me is on the plane, taking my Dad and me to La Reunion and the butterflies are curtesy of a guy. A guy waiting for me to return. Or so it seems...

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