December 21, 2011

Happy kitty holidays.

I wish I could sound all grown-up and cool and pretend I prefer Thanksgiving to all other holidays as it is in fact the least commercial one and I think should be celebrated by all, American or not. Saying thanks with family is simply nice and everybody should do it.
Alas, I cannot. I adore Christmas. I adore presents. I love giving presents and I love getting them too. When I was little I combined the two – I would use my pocket money to buy presents for my dolls, which ultimately ended up looking very much like things I had added to my wish list already. My mother had a hard time reinforcing her mantra to keep things excited for Christmas Eve – you mustn’t buy things you want, just because you can, when Christmas is approaching. Now that I have been out of the house and away from her watchful eye for some years, her mantra is completely gone. These days as most parental presents come in some form of money, it seems to reinforce my pre-Christmas shopping craze. Though I do love the fact that no matter how old I get, they still always get me something for ‘under the tree’.
My love for gift swapping hasn’t subsided since I moved here, but the overall holiday feel is lacking a bit. As much as I don’t want to exchange sunshine for snow, fair weather is just doing a bad job in creating a festive atmosphere for me. I have been less than enthusiastic to decorate my flat or even considered getting a tree; it just feels all wrong. That was till I went to Raith’s the other day, found this, and couldn’t resist:

A Knusperhäuschen was one of my favourite things during Advent when I was little and Hello Kitty, well, Hello Kitty just makes everything better anyhow.

That was the idea. This ended up being reality:

No need to point out that it has been a while since I decorated a Knusperh√§uschen and yes, I truly suck at it. It doesn’t matter though, I love it, and the Kitty faces covered in icing sugar instead of being properly glued onto the cookies actually just make me laugh. So there – first cheesy holiday decoration in history, guests are actually allowed to laugh at…

Happy Holidays.

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