November 30, 2011

Skipping along.

When does anything mean something?

Is there a rule for stuff? I am completely addicted to Olly Murs' Heart Skips a Beat. So many moments flush back to me when my heart skip, skipped a beat and I am loving it. Then again – did it mean anything? Usually no, it didn't. You can blame it on me being a teenager. Maybe.

These days? A bit more tricky. Emails don't matter. At least not if you have a girlfriend. Looks don't matter. Ever. Macaroons don't even matter these days. They are just friendly ammunition.

What does really matter? When do things mean something??

In case you haven't realized, I am confused and listening to the same song over and over while having Skype conversations I don't really want to have. C'est la vie.

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