November 7, 2011

Monday's bachelor.

No news about the fact that Mondays usually suck. It’s in their nature. Today is no exception. Today is the epiphany of a Monday. I went on a very civilized pizza date last night and returned with no voice and no idea whatsoever if the guy wants to see me again. To make it clear: I would very much like to see him again. Any idea how much it sucks and pulls on my patience (which is little at the best of times) to not know whether he feels the same?

Those are the moments when I love a concept like “The Bachelor” purely for its lack of mixed messages. You get a rose or you don’t. Rose great, he wants to get to know you better; no rose cool, you can move on with your life. No mixed messages. Also you get your answer within 24 hours, which I find crucial for my sanity. In real life things are all different and in my opinion quite messed up. There is no answer within 24 hour guarantee, it can take up to a week and still be acceptable in some cultures. Some answers aren’t even real answers. There is usually a lot of maybe floating around. Insane driving maybe. When was maybe ever an acceptable concept?

The other problem is that these days it is not even clear who is the bachelor and who the contestant. Am I supposed to sit around, just assume and wait or take the initiative and hand out a rose myself? And if a certain someone* decides to go against better judgement and hands out the modern day version of a rose aka SMS themselves, what is an acceptable time frame to accept or decline the token of interest? Answers please! And no, an answer with maybe in it, does not count.

UPDATE: I just got a lovely SMS from a certain bachelor, saying thank you, but no thank you. So here I am now - no rose, but happy to know that some men still have balls.

*Yes, we all know that would be me. I know, I know...

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