November 27, 2011

The cowboy and the hedgehog.

Do you know the Cowboy phenomenon? I'm not sure because if you don't travel the subway daily it may not be very evident, but coming from years of subway travelling in NY I know it well. It is the way how most guys will pretend to be a cowboy, having so much in between their legs that they just can't keep them shut and therefore will take up two seats. I'm not sure what came first – cowboys for a lack of subway just walking with their legs wide apart to impress the ladies and regular guys these days just imitating cowboys or them actually being too, well, big to sit like a normal person i.e. girl. At least the cowboys were just funny to look at, these days it is just plain annoying and rude – especially if you are on an overcrowded subway with no air-con in summer.

Anyhow – today I have a lot more sympathy for the cowboys at least, because I spend yesterday afternoon on a horse and now need to move my leg with both hands when I want to cross them.
Needless to say that is was still very worth it, because trotting on a horse amongst vineyards with your friend on a fine Saturday is just a lekker way to pass time.

This got me thinking today about things to be grateful. Which I usually wouldn't share like this because quite frankly I hate these happy blog lists. No offense to people who do, they just always seem a bit forced to me – especially coming on a Sunday. But this week I really learned to count my blessings, alas here we go with things I am grateful for this week:

Having the only horse who ate vines and managed to pull out whole bunches while walking. I thought he was just really relating to me – I love wine, he loves vines.

Having the urge to run to a yoga class and managing to stay in the room though I was full to the brim with sushi. Though the urge part is probably what I am most grateful for. It is quite beautiful to really have the urge to do something, which will be somehow meaningful or just plain good for you.

Having a co-worker who buys me pink bubbly for no reason. I am still quite chuffed about it somehow. It sits in my fridge and it makes me happy to look at it. Thank you, Mark!

Changing my winter wardrobe to summer wardrobe and finding my old favourite dress and re-finding a dress I didn't think I would like anymore. Now I like it again so much that I am wearing it now and don't even mind freezing.

Reading “The Elegance of the Hedgehog”, a book so unbelievable beautiful it makes me laugh out loud, cry, and go to bed quite early so I can be with it.

That is that. and in line with my whole French practise I say merci for a grand week.*

*And yes, my French hasn't progressed any further than that. I know, I know...

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