September 13, 2013

yoga at its best.

yesterday i had the fun task to go and buy myself a new airbook. unfortunately it wasn’t as fun as i had envisioned it because i had to go to the v&a, i was hormonal, and the sales person at the istore wasn’t as clever as i would have hoped for so it took forever. no, actually scrap the first and the last – i was just hormonal. i watched glee afterwards and cried all throughout.
at 10pm after i was done with all the crying i decided i should do something useful and so i started to download over 2000 holiday pictures on the new airbook. for some reason that didn’t work immediately and once it worked, it took forflippingever. that didn’t help my overall mood. i thought i decided to write a little story about it all, only to realize that i couldn’t because i didn’t have a writing program yet. bleh. luckily that was the moment when i came across the pictures i am about to share and they made it all better. pictures from the bestest and most fun yoga class ever.
so my plan was to do lots of yoga while travelling. i bought a yellow sticky towel in lieu of a mat and downloaded the bikram dialog on my computer, i packed a set of yoga clothes and started to envision myself practising on a hotel balcony, bamboo floors, gentle breeze, overlooking the ocean, and all. alternatively i was being surrounded by some little vietnamese kids, teaching them tree and lion pose, laughing and giggling a lot. not sure how i acquired the kids in my vision, but i wasn’t questioning that at the time.
and then reality came along.
it started well enough in bangkok where i had made contact with a local bikram studio before and actually found myself in dire need of a good stretch on my first day. you’d assume that an hour and a half is plenty of time to get places, however in bangkok it is not especially if like me you can’t read thai and don’t trust directions. so after an hour and twenty-seven minutes i was already dripping sweat (thanks, humidity!), it was about to rain, and i was about to cry, because i had just spent an hour and twenty-seven minutes trying to find that damn bikram studio that didn’t want to be found. i was about to give up and look for a cocktail instead when i finally saw a sign “bikram this way”. it was after an hour and twenty-nine minutes that i arrived out of breath and by now completely drenched at the studio. hurray.
class was as it was to be expected- a bit underwhelming; after an hour and twenty-nine minutes i guess i really needed bikram himself to be there or for them to throw confetti at me for making it in time or something. nevertheless i got my stretch and thanks to the teacher took the boat back to my guest house which was awesome.
  • after that my yoga practise became even trickier and i could give you some excuses why i was so lazy for a month because of it, but actually i have solid, good reasons: 
  • a sticky towel only sticks on a mat. it doesn’t stick on any other surfaces, something that i wasn’t aware of before i bought it.
  • a sticky towel doesn’t substitute a mat. comfort wise you may as well be rolling around practising on a bare floor.
  • most 1 or 2 star hotels don’t have balconies overlooking the ocean.
  • people look strangely at you if you stick your tongue out at their kids. try to explain that you weren’t being impolite, but wanted to do yoga with their kids is hard in vietnamese.
  • whenever there was time for yoga, there was also time for beer.
  • drinking beer makes you less sticky than doing yoga.

so it should come as no surprise that the only sort of yoga class happened after two beers, on a junk boat, in swimsuits with more laughter than proper breathing. mind you, it was one of the best (and nobody pulled a hamstring or went overboard which always makes for a successful class!)
sorry no editing, no out-takes - they were all just too awesome:


  1. Those pictures are amazing :) I hope to be able to do some bikram when I'm gone traveling too!

    1. You can always check on the Bikram website if there is a studio where you are going. Unfortunately there are none in Vietnam or Cambodia, but a lot of other places have them. Enjoy!

  2. Fabulous photos! My favourite is the last one.

    1. Thanks :) Mine too, though I think poor Ash is actually in pain at this point...

  3. Oh my goodness you have perfectly described what happens to me each time I go on holiday!!! I envision myself rising with the sun and doing my yoga practice in a beautiful setting before breakfast...and in reality I'm a bit tired and sticky and self conscious and then I plan to do it the following day and then the same thing happens again!! In New York recently I looked up a course beforehand and went to that the one day rather than feeling guilty for not doing my own!!
    What kind of yoga do you teach? I'm busy doing my Integral Hatha teacher training and loving it:)
    Lulu x

    1. Lulu, I do Bikram yoga, so I don't really have a self practise as it is as I need a hot room. I find cities like New York offer great choices and good deals for travelling yogis. However I was in small places in Vietnam, so not so easy - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

  4. Love these pictures:) More of a Pilates girl but these pics really make Yoga look like fun and not just like you need to be really, really bendy x
    Welcome back!

  5. Love the photos!

    Did you not go do Tai Chi in Hanoi with all the octogenarians?


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