September 26, 2013

on my mind and in my heart.

i read an article the other day about the cardinal blogger sins. i am guilty of quite a few mainly that i apologize constantly for not writing more. this post however will bring you some new ones. first i am posting a picture that has absolutely nothing today with the content of today’s post. but i just think it is so damn pretty and i took it last week during this one minute the double rainbow was out and i just wanted to share it. because it is just so damn pretty. the second one is that i am telling you i will announce some big news soon, but i’m basically just announcing the announcement. how terribly annoying of me.

in my defence i have been a bit rattled this last week despite the post-holiday blues having worn off. now it actually just makes me a bit sad, my holiday seems years ago. i tried to recreate a few beloved dishes and failed so miserably that i had to console myself with good old pasta, wine, and a number of pecan nut blondies so high i will never tell anybody. in combination with avoiding my yoga mat this has made me feel sluggish and tired.

the content of the announcement still has me up thinking and planning and talking to some people and all i will say for now is that it’s shaping up nicely, but as it is quite big it is also quite emotional. do you hate me yet for all my hinting? i know, i know…

work has been busy.

i haven’t slept well.

i had a fallout with a friend. or at least i think i did. how do you call it if your friend is not returning your text messages, calls, and an email, because he may not like to hear what you have to say because he behaved like a crappy friend in your opinion? for a lack of better word i call it a fallout and it has been on my mind all the time, making me angry and sad at all at once.

i have discovered the bachelor/ the bachelorette for my evening entertainment. and as entertaining as i find it, it makes me really sad that i would find it so entertaining.

my flat is a mess. and i can call it creative chaos all i want, it is still a mess. and you wouldn’t think so when you saw the state of my kitchen, but i actually really dislike a messy kitchen.

so with that said the plan is to spend more time on my mat, reading a book, eating some salad, and doing a major spring clean on the weekend.

what’s happening in your life?


  1. don't worry. we all have those days. I haven't done any yoga in three weeks, been eating crap, sleeping at all the wrong hours, at least my kitchen isn't a mess, but that's just because I'm currently staying at a hotel :) the pre-announcement of news wasn't nice. but I've been there and done that, too. so who am I to judge :)

    1. Thanks, Petra! I know the pre-announcement wasn't nice, but in my defence some people need to be told in person first, but at the same time I am too excited to keep it in. And I am also one of those who rub it in if they bought a really great gift for someone long before they get to unwrap it :)

  2. i just started writing my thesis, i lost a friend this week (not because of text messages, he died, sadly :( ), i spend too much time blogging where i should be out there living. we all have sad days. i bet it's autumn coming up. it's okay, you'll be alright.

    1. I know I will be fine especially since for me in SA spring is coming up L) I am very sorry about your friend. Thank you for reminding me how lucky I actually am and that life and time spent with loved ones is precious.

  3. My life is scattered around in a million pieces, everything is up in the air waiting to fall down, hopefully into place.


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