October 25, 2012

Pride and Silliness.

Sometimes people do very silly things in my opinion, which leads to the companies they work for do very silly things. Usually I try to let it go for my own peace of mind, but sometimes I simply cannot. Some things just irk me too much in their incredibility or ridiculousness and then I have to get it off my chest. I think I will blame David Thorne. I’m fully aware that just like him this makes me somewhat of a condescending arse and so far I haven’t had much positive results from any company, but I just can’t help it. Sometimes you need to speak up out of principle regardless of whether you change a stupid person's mind or the world.Today I’m also a bit bored, so I was in the right mood to make a little mountain out of this pool cleaning company:

Dear Pride Pools,

Just for your consideration: Today I found your flyers in my mailbox. Which surprised me, because as anyone can clearly see, when standing in front of my mailbox, I live in a block of flats. I would assume before you send someone to drop flyers off, you would do some research as to the areas in which people actually have pools and may need your services. The next pool I know of is in Company Gardens and it's really a pond and the neighbours like it nice and green. But hey, it's up to you if you want to waste the money and effort on an area which is completely pool-less.

However I engage actively in improving the environment and plant a lot of trees - hard work, let me tell you - so I'd appreciate it if your flyer dropper (I’m sorry if I sound flippant, I really don’t know the proper job title) would only leave one flyer (which as you may have gathered I still think is too much) and not four in my mailbox. Four are just annoying and I would never contact such an annoying company even if I had a pool!



I know, I will probably be stuck in the hell of eternally dirty pools and no pool cleaners in sight if I ever move to a house with a pool.

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