October 10, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Call me naïve, but I don't understand how people can just lie to your face. To my knowledge nobody has ever cheated on me and if any of my friends have ever lied to me, I will believe it was in my best interest. I don't understand how people you actually know can be devious and deceiving for their personal advantage. Yes, I know there are bad people out there who steal and kill from individuals or entire nations, but that to me seems a more faceless transaction that I can understand on some level. I can get that – some people are bad people. What I can't get is that I lived with a girl for almost a year and in the end she cheated me out of last month's rent. After promising she would pay it, she refused once she had moved out. I was completely baffled that someone who I had shared dinners and wine with, chatted and laughed, would just lie to my face to her own advantage. In hindsight I shouldn't have trusted someone who drinks JC LeRoux and puts peppers on her pizza and cheddar instead of mozzarella, but I just thought we were a tad different. Mind you, I got my money back through the deposit which came to me, but still...I was more upset about the feeling that she betrayed me in some way.
Now it has happened again. I have been hinting at the travel agent from doom and just found out that she and not the airline has made a mistake. Apparently she booked me on a one way flight to Morocco and conveniently forgot my return. A return flight, for which I had to pay again almost double of what the initial ticket had cost me. For the past five weeks she pretended to chase up my refund with the airline and only yesterday, after doing my own research, did I find out that she fucked up. The money is one thing. Having this amount off my credit card makes me incredibly nervous, but somehow the personal betrayal feels worse. She cheated me and lied. It’s that simple. Or she made mistake and then lied. I don't know yet. It doesn't make a difference. She lied and not once, but over and over again.
So, sorry, if I have been a bit drab, but this story has been weighing me down since I got back from holiday. I have been anxiously waking up each morning, checking my phone first thing to see if I have gotten the refund into my account and then more anxiously trying to get her on the phone with answers. My calls which have been dodged and her promises to call back broken. I'm just feeling really sick and tired of it all. What and when will be the end of it? I don't know yet. Luckily I do know that one of the best lawyers in town is family and he shall set her pants on fire on my behalf!

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