March 27, 2012

Trailer trash.

Even with only posting my little broken heart story once yesterday, I got more page views than usual which actually concerns me a bit. Or is it just that everybody else is down too and misery seeks company? Either way, I wasn’t so miserable yesterday when I left the office at 3pm to check into the Grand Daddy Hotel with my boss, her daughter, their neighbours, and Julia to watch Princess Bride open air and spend the night here:

I was a bit concerned that any boy might be scared of that much pink, lace, and ruffles, but as Sebastian attested – it’s cool. Mind you, he is only 13 so this opinion could still change, but for the time being he was quite content to hang out.

There was no question that Julia and I would like it though, except that moving the amount of pillows from bed to couch took 10 minutes.

Amusing naughty bears in the neighbouring trailer…

My birthday cake substitute thanks to Eugenie’s carving skills:

Sparkling night view.

Manhattan-esque morning view:

Thanks to the tinted window my camera goes Instagram/Hipstamatic/iPhone App I don’t have.

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