March 23, 2012

Road trip in German.

So apparently some people thought my notion of feeling like a little bowl of soup was a bit strange. Julia asked me whether I was alright and told me she was unsure if it was okay to ‘like’ the post on Facebook. The truth is I don’t know if I am alright, but sometimes you just have to take it one day at a time and if that doesn’t work an hour at a time will do.
On Wednesday we took it a day at a time and Julia and I did a road trip or as I like to call it in German: Ausflug. Road trip might be misleading for locals as we just went to Stellenbosch. One mustn’t forget though that even if Stellenbosch might just mean commute to the natives to us it definitely constitutes as a road trip. I will admit that living right next to my office may also help any 45 minute drive to feel like a proper get away.
Admittedly the Ausflug wasn’t much more than lunch and ice cream in the end, which made us late for Babylonstoren, but since it was lunch at Casparus and the ice cream dark chocolate flavour, it was well worth it. There would have been macaroons as well, but the lady was so rude that we decided it wouldn’t be fair to the macaroons to buy them from such a rude lady as it would surely spoil our tasting experience. Now I’m thinking that we should have bought them all so they could have lived a happy life in our tummies away from the lady…

(I was craving another portion of salmon soufflé in the evening and almost called to see if they would deliver. I settled for Colcacchio instead, which for once was a let-down, I should have expected since I was actually craving salmon soufflé and not pizza.)

Just a perfect place to eat ice cream and have a chat.
More pictures once the iPhone hipster has internet again and sends them to me. Yes, Julia, that was a hint… *

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