January 29, 2011

Things that made me happy today.

After the little rant in my last post I now solemnly swear I am up to no good and won’t rant here again. Things that make me happy are in order. Here a tiny glimpse on the list from today:

I finally and very excitedly bought a mallet. Or meat tenderizer as the professionals (in this case the snotty sales person who corrected me) call it. My wonderful cousin Thekla had recently changed my life with a chicken recipe, which calls for the chicken to be almost beaten to a pulp. Trying to attempt that with various kitchen appliances that usually hold other functions, it has been a bit of a task. The result nevertheless has converted me already. I will never eat any chicken has it not been beaten for a solid 10 minutes before. I have spent days and days searching the aisles with no luck - all mallet/ meat tenderizer free. Today was the day though. I discovered a tiny Banks at the Cape Quarter. Now meet  me: proud owner of a mallet. Hurrah.
(And yes, I was considering to write ‘meat me’)

At the same shop I convinced myself that I should buy, no absolutely had to buy a red knife. I had been eyeing this serious of knives before. They come in all different styles and all different colors and they are just beautiful as far as knives go. I don’t know if it any good and I actually don’t care. I was a bit bumped at first, because the girl in me wanted a pink knife. They do have pink ones, but only in a really scary large size. I already have two good large scary knives so there was no point of getting another one. But who would have guessed - my new little red knife matches my nail polish. Life is in order again.

And last but not least - the bag. Involuntarily I had caught a new trend of carrying a ‘Jute statt Plastik’ bag with me for the last couple of weeks. It started as a bit of a mistake. I went to the CPT book fair a while ago and bought a Lawrence Anthony book. The sales girl ask me if I wanted a Priddy bag with it. I replied ‘Of course I want a pretty bag.’ Clear case of misunderstanding. The bag did actually have written ‘priddy bag’ on it underneath a big pink piglet face.
For some reason the bag still grew on me and I have been carrying it around ever since, only sometimes a little shamefaced and more due to its’ whole musli feel than the piggy on the priddy.
I started to feel a bit better when my friend Julia arrived from Berlin and she was also sporting a ‘Jute statt Plastik’ bag. Mind you hers was branded with a cool magazine logo, but still. Apparently the bags were trendy and I was a trendsetter.
Today I though it time to put the good old priddy bag away and introduce a more me version. As you may guess the ‘A’ was sold out, so my last initial had to do. Oh well. The things that make me happy…

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