January 27, 2011

a little piece of wisdom.

this blog is not about men. men are a somewhat important part of my life, but i really try my utter best to make not everything about them. but i just came back from a lovely dinner at pizza auntie, so i am having trouble writing about my love story with pasta here, because right now i think that pizza is the best freaking thing on earth.
therefore...here we go with drumrolls...a little piece of wisdom about men: do not ever under any circumstances feel the need to celebrate your new found liberty of installing wireless in your home, celebrate it by setting up skype and searching for your ex - THE one who got away - and then ask him 'how is life?'. you may not like the answer. one little bit. because he may actually answer. and the answer may just be 'it could not be better. married. children. farmhouse.'
as if you didn't know all along that marriage, children and farmhouses are the best.
what did we learn today? someone must finally invent this device that tests your alcohol level before texting, skyping, calling...anyone. please someone - i would pay a lot money for this invention. it may not save me from a hangover, but it would surely save me from the even worst feeling of waking up and going like 'ahh, grrrr, oh no, wait, did i really write/say this last night?'.
please someone, just do it. help!

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