March 6, 2014

yoga class with johnny cash.

when you feel a bit stuck and uninspired for a long time it is a good idea to try something new to shake things up. like, i don't know…move to another country. if like me you have already set the wheels in motion for such a move but still feel a bit meh, i recommend yoga. for as long as it takes. once it took a month. a month during which i didn't do anything but sat on my couch and watched tv and only left said couch once a day for a bikram class. in this case i made the decision to move after this month was over and that's when i came to cape town, but somehow the yoga and the shaking things up and the move all seem connected to me in one way or another. you will understand my frustration that right now i am not only feeling stuck and uninspired and ungrateful - because really what a moron am i not to enjoy my last summer weeks in cape town? - but on top of it yoga is not helping. i don't like the classes here, there is not enough bikram classes, and whenever i go and try to let go, i get annoyed anyhow. i know those nobody’s issues but my own to sort out, but still…
a plan formed when i realized that lent has started. i am not catholic and while i know plenty of non-catholics that just use it as a time to kick a bad habit at least temporary, i have always been a bit at loss as to what that could be for me. i don’t really eat much chocolate so 40 days without would be no challenge whatsoever. no wine for 40 days i simply wouldn’t make and why should i set myself out to fail?
so i found this post on berry diaries yesterday and was immediately intrigued. what a genius idea instead of eliminating something negative from your life (and that would be the second issue with not drinking wine – wine is of course never negative, so it doesn’t count) add something positive each day like spending at least 10 minutes on your yogamat.

maybe i need 40 days and a few different time zones of yoga this time to shake things up. we will see. but i am excited. i will even attempt to post a toe selfie of my toes on mat every day on instagram and i while i made a hashtag #40daysonmymat don’t hold me to it, i am even worse at instagramming than i am at not drinking wine.

however here is day 1:

10 minutes of sun salutations to johnny cash. i don’t like yogi music and he did bring a good rhythm to my breathing.

please do excuse the state of my toes and my mat.


  1. Any Congrats on Day 1 of 40 Days on my Mat! I empathise with the point that you feel that you are at in life at the moment, I have a feeling that you are on the brink of something fabulous! And may the yoga help you get there as it has before... I look forward to following your journey and Yoga Mat selfies!! x x x

  2. Looking forward to those Instagram feet selfies ;) Love the idea too! Going to do it as well. X

  3. Sometimes we need to step up, step out and step on
    Good luck - 40 days ain't so bad

  4. Lovely!! I also didn't eliminate anything for lent, but each day I take 10, 15, 20 minutes out to say prayers and to list everything I'm grateful for. I know we should do that all the time, but realistically, we don't. This is a reminder to count my blessings and funny... life has gotten better and even happier!
    Enjoy your yoga - it's still something I desperately want to get into! Just don't know where to go that isn't going to cost a fortune!


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