October 6, 2011

A walk in the park.

Literally, that was the black out for me last week. Taking things as they come these days, I was actually quite excited to be unable to work or be reached and went to Company Gardens. I don’t go there ever, which I realize is quite sad, because you could call it essentially my extended balcony. Like Bua, the Irish Bar on St. Marks Place, was our extended living room when we lived in the East Village. Proximity so close, it’s technically part of your flat.
So I went and I thought it a perfect idea to finally visit the library – yes, yes, I am a nerd. I liked the thought of going back to the roots i.e. books when technology failed. I quite underestimated how far this technology had crept into all part of our lives: The library was closed – due to no light and no security scans possible. What a bummer, but the forced walk in the park made up for it and I learned loads too:

White squirrels are exciting and novel in real, but really scary looking in pictures.
I don’t mind tourists so much when pretending to be one of them.
As much as I love taking self-portraits when walking around with my big shades, they just do not work. Just believe me, don’t expect proof.
You sometimes don’t notice a sprinkler till it is too late.
Marie is still right – macro shots rock!


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